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  • 35000 – 39000 lbs, Excavator

    The 35,000 to 39,000 lb excavator is primarily used for excavating or earthmoving tasks such as trenching, demolition clearing, foundation digging, general landscaping tasks or backfilling excavated areas.
  • Cat C4.4 ACERT with Twin Turbo

    The 60,000 to 69,000 lb excavator has many uses, ranging from digging, backfilling, trenching and grading to simply loading or unloading trucks with heavy materials, like dirt, soil, gravel or other heavy items such as piping.
  • Cat® C32 ACERT™

    The 80–89 horsepower (hp) bulldozer is built for general earthmoving and maintenance tasks. Typical applications for the bulldozer include road construction and road maintenance, removing debris from demolition areas, and small-scale maintenance tasks, like clearing construction site debris areas or clearing heavy debris from roads.

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